Typical RV lights as No-See-Um and other insect control device.

One of the not so nice things about arriving in our winter location in Florida is we are parked in a lower spot near a marsh and the No-See-Ums are a problem. We have No-See-Um screening which keeps most of the nasty little biters out but some always follow us in. We accidentally found a neat solution. If the light covers are set with a small opening (2mm) then the bugs are more attracted to the light than they are to us, and they crawl inside and promptly die instead of biting. While we were in Alabama we got inundated with Lady Bugs and we tried to catch and release as many as possible before we left. However, we kept finding Lady Bugs in our trailer for days afterward. Soon after we arrived in Florida I set the lights slightly open to catch No-See-Ums and soon had two more Lady Bugs. As you can see in the picture, the trick works using both incandescent and LED diode lights.

SAM_3975 SAM_3976

Lady  Bugs and some No-See-Ums in the yellowish incandescent light on the left and No-See-Ums caught in one hour under bluish LED diode lights. The bugs will be completely desiccated to an easy to dispose of form that only requires removing the light cover and then tipping the contents in a waste basket. I prefer to wash the light covers after emptying. I do the light covers once a week after washing the dishes unless a cover is really full.

SAM_3977 SAM_3978

View of standard RV lights showing how much space to leave on left and the whole light on the right.

A simple easy way to control flying insect pests.


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One Response to Typical RV lights as No-See-Um and other insect control device.

  1. Ingrid says:

    Great idea to deal with those bugs. Those ‘no-see-ums’ always find me…. grrr!

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