Arrival in Florida

Arrival In FloridaDick took this picture of me up on the roof of our RV raising our solar panels and setting up our internet booster upon our arrival in Florida. It’s been a good winter. Being busy and trying to work full time kind of saps all the creative juices out of you so the blog has been badly neglected. I shall endeavor to do better. We had a wonderful winter in Panacea Florida with gorgeous weather. I have many more things I intend to write about over the summer. As you can see from the photo we installed a solar array on our RV and it has worked out rather well. Our crazy cat got separated from us and we lost him for 8 weeks. Fortunately a kind school girl, a cat rescue group, my kids, and Air Canada reunited us. We met some long lost relative and we lost two friends to the cancer beast. We are currently back in Winnipeg freezing our behinds in Ile Des Chennes awaiting the arrival or yet another late spring snowstorm. April 30th and it’s below freezing. I am missing Florida. To encourage myself and try to stay writing here is a list of the blog posts I have planned based on what people have asked me about.

Downsizing from a house to an RV

Equipping Your RV with day to day necessities

Our solar array and what it can and can’t do

An update on my crazy cat

Dogs and RV life

Workcamp experiences

That last one I will try to do at the end of the summer because in addition to my husband’s volunteering at Gulf Specimen Marine Lab we have taken a position as Hosts at Bird’s Hill Park Provincial Campground for the summer. Unfortunately due to the incredibly late spring, our start has been delayed a week to May 10th.

Some observations from this year.

Mobile internet continues to get better all the time. We actually found state parks with internet service and we found internet working reliably in many places it didn’t before. I like that trend.

Full time work from home when home is an RV is exhausting. This winter I learned to program in R and it’s not so bad, programming I mean.  I used to love crewel embroidery and programming is about the same. Lots of careful stitching and checking directions, and ripping out errors. When the program works you get a very pretty picture you can take in at a glance which does something useful. When it doesn’t work you have to flip it over and start looking at the knotted mess on the back. It is tiring though, and like crewel embroidery it gives you headaches and eyestrain if you don’t take breaks.

Prices for everything in the USA continue to creep upward while those in Canada are staying steady by comparison. A lot of stuff is no longer cheaper to buy down south. I am no economist so I don’t know why.

The more I can to know the USA the more I like it. I have completely lost that whole smug superiority so many Canadians have about the USA. There are still things I prefer about the USA, like our healthcare. Even so, the USA is a great place. The people are generally big hearted, generous and real. The freedom thing is real. I love Canada but I have learned to love the USA as well and especially the south. From the hanging moss to the gentle accent, we will back in the south again, God willing and the creek don’t rise. Meanwhile, back in Manitoba it’s time to start a warming pot of stew for supper and bundle up and get the dogs walked before getting back to the work they pay me for.


About tumbleweedstumbling

I have three blogs, embryogenesis explained, tumbleweed tumbling AND fulltimetumbleweed. I am a scientist, and my husband and I have written a book which was published by World Scientific Publishing in Nov 2016 called Embryogensis Explained. Full time tumbleweed was my first blog which I worked on during five years of living full time in a travel trailer. I have now retired that blog in favour of Tumbleweeds Tumbling since we bought a stick house in April 2015 and are no longer full-time. I have a blended family of five sons and one daughter, all grown up now. I am (step)grandmother to nine boys and one girl. My husband and I have a dog and a cat. We spend summers in Manitoba, Canada, in a 480 square foot house on a half acre of land in the tiny town of Alonsa. We spend winters in the USA. My husband is retired and being a US citizen, he does volunteer work in winters for Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea Florida as their emeritus. I retired in Sept 2013 and so far I am loving it.
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